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Child Care Aware of America's Online Child Care Provider Directory is updated monthly. While this list reflects the most up to date information provided to Child Care Aware of America, it is possible that a provider's credentials may have changed. Families are responsible for contacting Child Care Aware of America to verify the eligibility of a provider on this list in order to receive fee assistance. If you do not see your selected provider on this list, they may still be eligible. Please contact Child Care Aware® at 1-800-424-2246 or email to verify eligibility. The results of any online search provided on this website is in no way a recommendation for, or endorsement of, any providers; it is made available for informational purposes only. Parents should visit any potential providers, verify that they meet all of the current fee assistance eligibility requirements as set forth by their qualifying branch and program, and conduct the same level of research that they would normally perform in choosing a child care provider before making their own final decision. For information on choosing quality child care, please visit

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ONE OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR CHILD CARE PROGRAMS TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY ARMY FEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM IS THAT THE PROGRAM IS INSPECTED ANNUALLY BY THE STATE CHILD CARE LICENSING AGENCY. States highlighted in red may not perform annual licensing inspections for licensed child care centers and/or homes. Please check with your provider to ensure that they have written documentation of a state licensing inspection within the last 12 months. For questions about this requirement, you may contact Child Care Aware at 1-800-424-2246.">">">" alt="PA" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="NY" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="CT" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="RI" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="MD" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="MA" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="MA" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="VT" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="NJ" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="WV" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="NJ" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="RI" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="CT" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="DE" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="MD" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="DC" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="VA" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="NC" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="SC" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="OH" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="IN" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="MS" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="MN" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="WI" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="MI" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="IL" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="NM" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="OK" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="KY" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="AL" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="TN" target="_parent" />">">"> " alt="GA" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="FL" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="SD" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="MO" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="IA" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="TX" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="UT" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="MT" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="NV" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="NE" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="KS" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="LA" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="AZ" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="ME" />">">">" alt="OR" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="WA" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="ID" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="CA" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="HI" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="AK" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="MI" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="AR" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="ND" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="WY" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="CO" target="_parent" />">">">" alt="NH" />">">">" alt="PR" />